This is the season when we consider all the many things for which we are thankful.  We are of course thankful for family and friends.  We are also thankful for our clients, not only for allowing us the privilege of serving them, but also for referring others for us to serve.  With so many in this country who are suffering it makes it easy to be truly thankful.  It is also important to help those less fortunate.  Now let me put in a plug for a local charity that provides food for the needy in Salem and Roanoke County.

The Salem Food Pantry on Chapman Street in Salem distributes food to those in our area who are truly needy.  The work is done by numerous volunteers as well as two part time paid workers.  Jenny McCormick does a bang up job as Director for the Pantry and has been doing so for several years now.  The Pantry shelves are stocked by volunteers with donated food and food purchases with money that is donated.  Clients (individuals and families who are found to be eligible) are normally given a week’s worth of groceries once a month while eligible.

The Salem Food Pantry also has a Snack Buddy program which provides snacks for children in elementary schools in Salem and Roanoke County who would not otherwise be able to have a snack.  The Pantry also has a financial assistance program which provides some limited assistance in paying electric or other utility bills to those who qualify.

Please visit the Salem Food Pantry website at and consider supporting the Pantry by donating your time, food items or making a financial gift.  Check out the website for food items needed.  For those who have already given, Thank You.

Happy Thanksgiving